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Hino 300 Series 714 Bus SWB​

​Capacity: 24-34 

Hino 300 Series 815 Bus LWB Auto

​​Capacity: 24-34

Hino 300 Series 915 Bus LWB

Capacity: 24-34


Hino 300 Bus

Small but spacious, the new and improved Hino 300 Bus is perfect for all your business’ transport needs.

Plenty of room

Seating as many as 33 people the new Hino 300 Bus is perfect for transporting medium to large groups of people around town and on the highway. The Hino 300 Bus also offers the option of curtains allowing you to transport people overnight letting your passengers arrive refreshed. Available in easy to clean vinyl and durable fabric upholstery, the Hino 300 Bus lets you customize its designaccording to your business' requirements.

Contemporary design

A new rectangular build gives the Hino 300 Bus an imposing and assertive look that makes it stand out from other buses. High-set windows give passengers an excellent vantage point, making journeys in the Hino 300 Bus more involved than ever before.

Safety is a priority

Equipped with 3-point seat belts throughout the cabin, your passengers will always be safe in the new Hino 300 Bus. Fire extinguishers are available for extra peace of mind, letting you be prepared for any situation.

Call us today and book a test drive in the all-new Hino 300 Bus for a solution to all your transport needs.