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Land Cruiser 200

From: N$1,107,900

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Model Range


    4.5D V8 GX-R

    From N$1,107,900

    4.5D V8 VX-R Black

    From N$1,492,800

    4.5D V8 VX-R Beige

    From N$1,492,800

    4.5D V8 VX-R Brown

    From N$1 463 500

    Land Cruiser 200

    The Land Cruiser 200 puts technology, safety and style into a great package that will go above and beyond the call of duty.

    Comfortable cruising

    The advancements and creative design that have gone into the the Land Cruiser 200 make it a dream to drive.Crawl Control, a Toyota exclusive feature, offers a smooth off-road experience, as it controls the acceleration and braking when driving on uncertain terrain.Equipped with the newest navigation systems, innovative engine and amazing cruise control, the Land Cruiser 200 is up for any challenge. Other technological enhancements, such as Hill Assist Control (HAC) and a monitor for your blind spot add to the pleasant drive you’ll always have.

    Sit back and relax

    Convenience is the crucial to enjoying the open road. This is why we have provided you with a variety of features and accessories for your comfort.This includes footrests, responsive Bluetooth, speakers and excellent air-conditioners. The expansive interior, which contains 5 seats, will leave you well rested for any journey.

    Cruising with style

    Safety is also a vital priority, and you can be sure that the Land Cruiser’s airbags, seat belts and locks are all up to proper standard. The design coupled with sleek colours, glossy surface and smooth interior makes the Land Cruiser 200 a sight to behold.

    You deserve a car like the Land Cruiser 200, call Indongo Toyota today to find out more.