From: N$577,800

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TECHNOLOGY Electric ( EPS) Power steering
DESIGN 15” Alloy Wheels

Model Range

Prius 1.8

From N$577,800


The new Prius is ready to leave behind the past and move on to a cleaner and brighter future.

A vehicle that gives back

The new Prius is here to think about our earth's future, while still making our present worthwhile. The vehicle comes with a hybrid engine that combines fuel and electrically driven motors to make your journey enjoyable and eco-friendly. The vehicles fuel consumption is staggering at 3.7l per 100KM while still maintaining an impressive 72kW of power.

Technological ingenuity

The Prius boasts a variety of technological features that will expose you to an immersive driving experience. It comes with a reverse camera that displays a rear view behind the vehicle, giving you the upper hand in tough parking situations. The vehicle also comes with a light sensitive rear-view mirror to block out unwanted bright lights and Electric Power Steering (EPS) that will give you effortless control always.

Glamour at its finest

The vehicle comes with LED headlights and LED daytime running lights, giving it a sleek overall design. The new Prius is also fitted with a rear spoiler that gives the vehicle an agile look bound to make all eyes turn when you drive past.

The new Prius is the perfect vehicle for the environmentally conscious driver, find out more today.