Rush | Namibia | Indongo Toyota

From: N$324 200

Action Bar Slide Out Toggle

SAFETY FEATURES Speed-sensing door lock system
INTERIOR COMFORT Rear folding seats for increased cargo space
CONVENIENCE FEATURES Touch Screen Multimedia System

Model Range


    Rush 1.5 MT

    From N$324 200

    Rush 1.5 AT

    From N$338 800


    The Rush is a vehicle that takes a modern approach to the pursuit of ultimate performance and enjoyment.

    Ahead of schedule

    The Rush is a car that looks to the future through its great technological additions. Convenience is key, which is why we have Steering Switches, allowing you to easily control various outputs on the steering wheel. A navigation system is in place to send you on the right path always, and we have included a great audio system that lets you play the music of your choice. Reverse cameras for parking and multi-screen display are there to make parking a breeze.

    Rush hour

    All the technological bells and whistles would be worth nothing if performance was not up to par. This is why we have created a vehicle that is fast-paced, safe and durable. Whether you pick the Rush 1.5 MT or the Rush 1.5 AT, you will be greeted with an engine that can handle anything you throw at it.

    You’ll never want to leave

    The power steering and driver support systems will make the Rush a pleasure to experience. Airbags, speed-sensing door lock and Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC) all make this great car a safe and sound adventure. Great seat space, amazing cargo space and new and improved air conditioners will make driving the Rush one of your best decisions yet.

    Enjoy everything the Rush has to offer, make sure you come to Indongo Toyota for a test drive today.