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Hino 500 Series 1018 Bus​ 39 Commuter

Capacity: 27-39​

Hino 500 Series 1018 Bus 27 Wheel Chair

Capacity: ​27-39

Hino 500 Series 1018 Bus 35 Semi Lux

Capacity: 27-39

Hino​ 500 Series 1326 Bus 45 Semi Lux

Capacity: 45-50​

Hino 500 Series 1326 50 Commuter

​​Capacity: 45-50

Hino 500 Series 1626 Bus 55 Semi Lux​

Capacity: 55-65​

Hino 500​ Series 1626 Bus 65 Commuter

Capacity: 55-65​


Hino 500 Bus

Modern design meets a spacious interior leaving you with a bus that will meet your every need, introducing the new Hino 500 Bus.

Economical and functional

A futuristic air assist 7-speed gearbox means that the Hino 500 Bus is more efficient than ever before, while power steering keeps your driver rested at all times. Telescopic steering is designed to combat fatigue and ensures that your driver is at their most alert always.

Roomy interior

The Hino 500 Bus seats up to 65 people giving you plenty of seating for all your people transporting needs. The durable vinyl seat trim interior is easy to clean, making the Hino 500 Bus perfect for any large commercial business. Wheelchair access and storage means that disabled people can access the Hino 500 Bus, giving it an advantage over other vehicles in its class.

Modern design

A large front windscreen gives the Hino 500 Bus’ driver a wide view of the open road while also giving the vehicle a sense of authority and strength. Wide side view mirrors have been included to ensure the driver has an easy view of the road behind them.

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