New Toyota Cars | Namibia | Indongo Toyota

We offer a range of new Toyota's, from bakkies, SUV's to sedans and hatchbacks.

Our friendly staff will happily take you through the process of buying your new vehicle, and everything else that comes along with it. Let us delight you, whether you're a passenger or you're the one that is taking it for a spin!

From: N$ 174,900
From: N$ 184,300
From: N$253 800
From: N$238 300
From: N$352,400
From: N$317,800
From N$346 600
From: N$235 000
From: N$288 800
From: N$ 498,000
From: N$619 800
From N$1 072 300
From: N$501 200
From: N$ 664,800
From: N$875 000
From: N$ 1 064 900
From: N$436 200
From: N$262 200
From: N$400 400
Starts from N$ 398 600
From: N$794 800
From: N$635 000
From: N$314 410