Dyna | Namibia | Indongo Toyota

From: N$314 410

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5L ENGINE Design
ABS Safety
MAX SPEED 127KM/H Performance

Model Range


The Dyna can handle any and all deliveries, making it the perfect vehicle for personal or business functions.

Dynamite power

The Dyna contains a 5.0 litre engine, which is the power behind the vehicles strong capabilities. The engine is also naturally aspirated, ensuring no turbo hiccups. Power and torque are exceptional in the Dyna, making any delivery easy to do.

Steady and safe journey

One way safety is absolutely ensured is with the brakes. Heavy loads can be dangerous, and so we have studied every measure to ensure the Dyna and surrounding vehicles will be safe on the roads. ABS has been included, and the front and rear braking systems have been checked and properly prepped with a disc and drum brakes if you need reliable stopping power.

Expert design and build

The Dyna is built to fulfil all your delivery needs and wants. Each model can carry a load of over 3000kg. Whether you use the Dyna for cargo delivery, delivery of tools and other necessities, rest assured that the truck will never fail you

The Dyna will deliver on performance, design and power. Call us today at Toyota Indongo to book a test drive and experience the power for yourself.