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FJ Cruiser

From: N$ 678 100

Action Bar Slide Out Toggle

SAFETY Clearance & Back Sonar
DESIGN Signature white roof
CAPABILITIES Generous ground clearance: 245 mm

Model Range

4.0 V6 4X4

From N$678 100

FJ Cruiser

The Fj Cruiser is a vehicle that has a unique and modern design as well as exceptional performance capabilities.

A vehicle that won’t turn down a challenge

Toyota has provided a vehicle that is capable of taking on tough terrain as well as urban roads. With four-wheel drive capabilities as well as front and rear heavy-duty suspension with reinforcements, the FJ Cruiser will drive over any terrain with control and stability. The vehicle sits high with a ground clearance of 245mm, making sure that nothing will stand in your way.

A design without boundaries

The FJ Cruiser comes with an impeccable design and flawless looks that will cause a stir anywhere you go. The vehicle comes with its signature white roof and signature edgy appearance. By fitting rear access doors and privacy windows, we have made the vehicle both practical and private.

Providing safety regardless of the terrain

Safety features such as Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC) and Active Traction Control (ATC), mean the FJ Cruiser will always provide peace of mind. The FJ Cruiser’s rugged reliability and functional design make it the vehicle you want to be driving.

Be sure to test drive the FJ Cruiser to see what it’s all about. Book a test drive at Indongo Toyota today.